Ever have so many thoughts rolling around that it feels like someone just knocked over a 50 pound bag of marbles in your head? Because that’s what most of my days feel like, and thus I’ve decided to write about it. 

First know that I do have a personal journal, and this will probably reflect it, except, instead of everything sounding like, “Whaaat do I do with my life?! ALL OF THIS HAPPENED TODAY. I should do this… but…” I intend to actually answer some of my questions to myself, in hopes of helping other people figure out their own thoughts.

Also know, most of this will be opinions and reflections. You are welcome to ponder with me or to run as far from me as you can. I won’t take offense. Not really.

Lastly, I write as much as I have to to get my point across. Some posts will be long, others very short. Either way, if this sounds interesting to you at all, please stick around. If not, again, run very far away. Go now.

What are your thoughts?

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