There is so much pressure

It’s killing my pleasure

What is this life?

Why is it all about the treasure?


I keep biting my tongue

I keep sealing my lips

And clutching my fists

Why must it be like this?


They make it hard to be good

Selfless and honest

It’s hard to be good

Simple and modest


This world eats me up

And it spits me out

It steps on me

Then it bleeds me out


Everybody’s watching:

“What’s she doing now?

Is she living for herself?

Does she really care at all?

I don’t think she cares at all”


“Lead them by example,”

That’s what my Father said,

Even though they’ll trample

On everything you’ve read.


Their words cannot hurt you

Not in your Father’s arms

Their hatred cannot scar you

He will keep you safe from harm


Everybody’s watching…

Lord, help me be like You

Don’t wanna be like them

Don’t care if I don’t fit in

I need to be like You


What are your thoughts?

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