Edgar Allen Poem

T’was the happiest day – the happiest hour

In the FaerieLand known

As the City in the Sea


‘Til the sleeper he woke                                                  

From a dream within a dream

And cried out to the river a frantic plea


To Helen,

To Zante,

To Annabelle Lee


To Elizebeth


And even one for me


And to all who rest

As spirits of the dead

In the haunted palace

Where Al Aaraaf bled


A song

A dream

A sonnet

A hymn

A serenade

A ballad

With stanzas by him


He wrote of his Romance

Lost in the Valley of Unrest

Then signed it off and hugged to his chest

The envelope addressed to the one in paradise

As the funeral bells rung out, a sound so precise


“Nevermore for evermore,” quoth the Raven “is Lenore.”

But “Silence!” cried the sleeper, “You shalt taunt me nevermore.”

He drifted back to sleep, to his dream-land coliseum

Where Israfel in Tamerlane conquered forth to see him


“Take me to the evening star to see my Eulalie”

The sleeper wished the angel, but Israfel refused he




“To Eldorado

To my mother

To Annie

My Valentine?” he pressed again

But only to have his hopes again decline


He whispered “Ulalume? My dear pallid in the tomb?”

Yet once again the angel shook his mighty head,

“Thou can never see those whom are ever dead,”

he told the sleeper with a voice of dread 


The sleeper cried, “then there is only one life left to take”

And he plunged into the icy waters of the frozen lake

Only to find himself from his sleep awake

And in his bed he wept aloud for his weary heart’s break 

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