To The One Who Smiles

It’s strange, isn’t it?

How a smile can change the world?

Not for real,

Not for long,

But enough to keep you strong


The power of that small expression

It is, to some, surreal

It isn’t much

But it’s still enough

To hold you like a crutch


And if, by chance,

It’s worn by someone

Who means more than most,

It has the power to stop and stun

Every fiend and fear and ghost


If they hold it long enough

You might forget the pain

But if they don’t, the memory

Will, at least, remain


It’s a beautiful thing

A wonderful thing

To receive a smile

And hold it in your memory

And live through it awhile


So when your heart is heavy

And your strength is running low

Peer your head up higher

And let a smile show


Because those who see it

Will surely return one to you

And you will never conceive it,

What a smile can do

What are your thoughts?

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