I’m Not in Love (I’m in Denial)

I told myself I wouldn’t write about love

I wouldn’t think about love

I wouldn’t dream about love


“Oh, what a cliché topic

Even the wide sky above

Is sick of it.”

Ha, sure it is

That’s why it’s so romantic

When the sun sets or rises,

Like angels are carrying it down,

Or the moon disguises

Our faults like a silver gown

Or the clouds shimmer in all sizes

And colors to paint everything around.


But who wants to write about love?
When it’s the only thing people talk about

Hear, think, and read about?

Certainly not me

That should be completely

Plain to see

I mean, I wouldn’t consider it

To close my eyes and think fondly

Of some dear friend,

To dream of him,

and hope our time never reaches an end


It’s just too simple to love

Too common

Too plain!


I couldn’t love you,

No, then I would be just the same

As every other person, it’s true!

Falling over themselves

Stumbling o—

Over their words

Unable to keep you out

Thirsty for you

As if in a drought



I’m not part of that scene

Not in real life

Not in my dream


Not one bit

I’ll have nothing to do with it.

This love!

Ha, what a cliché thing.

What are your thoughts?

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