By Accident

I didn’t expect this

As I headed down this path I’m on

Taking one small detour, that was, albeit

Slightly out of my way,

No, I certainly did not expect this


To hear your voice, think nothing of it,

Debate over something as trivial as a dollar

Then have all the wrong things happen

At all the right moments

Just, conveniently enough for you,

To catch me off guard


Unprepared, for, well, basically life

To continue to go on around me

I encountered you,

An odd individual with a sense of similarity

That felt more like a friend than a stranger


How silly it is,

We’re both stuck behind a glass

The only thing that brought us together

Being a sudden craving for (what other than) coffee!


It’d be awkward to thank you now,

But you made my day

And probably the day after

And next time I visit you,

You’ll likely do the same


It’s odd to be in this position,

Where it’s all my choice what can happen now

I can keep coming back,

I can smile back,

Tip you dollar after dollar,

Laugh at your oddly suiting humor

And wonder if that name on your tag is for kicks or for real


Or, I could simply stay home

Or find somewhere else to go

Where I know you will not be

Then, of course, we’d never speak

And you could never find me


But, really, we both know I’ll come back

You told me yourself,

Though I bet you pretend to think it’s for coffee

Just as I pretend to assume you just want another dollar


But it’s worth it,

In some odd, delusional sort of way

To keep coming back

To keep laughing with you

To keep wanting to ask questions

But having to drive away too soon


Maybe someday, I’ll come inside

And maybe, it’ll be at just the right time

Then we can sit, just a moment,

And smile and laugh

Without worrying about this glass

That keeps us apart




So, this basically belongs under the file of “Poems I know better than to post on the internet but do anyway because otherwise my blog will appear abandoned.” In other words, let’s all just pretend absolutely nothing I said in here is based on real life at all. Not one word. 


Got it?

What are your thoughts?

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