Fish in the Sea

I’m terrified of swimming

Yes, I know the water feels just fine

But, what about those little fish?

You know the ones who bite toes?

The toes that happen to be mine?


Horrible things, aren’t they?

Cute in aquariums and bowls

Cute when you don’t touch them

And just let them keep swimming

As distant and happy little souls


Admittedly, I love to watch them

They are strange and energetic,

Simple entertainment for people like myself.

But what if I get too close?

Well then, they won’t be so aesthetic!

As they pester me and bite me

And then I’ll never love them again


Ah, men!


They are one and the same

Diving into a sea of them–

I’d rather just stay in

And hide in my bedroom,

Watching fish swim in circles

Ones I don’t have to touch

Or interact with

Ones who can’t say something foolish

Because they always plead the fifth


Yes, isn’t that better?

Than swimming into a sea of cold lips

And cold hearts?




At least, I’d like to say so,

Except for that one flustering fact

That the moment I stop looking

Is the moment I’ll be found,

Not by just some other annoying fish

Who wants to nibble at my toes

And give me grief

Until I decompose

But by that one that won’t

The one who’s only annoying

Because the fear I have for others like him

Yes, he’s the exception that will drive me insane

Because with every hope he brings me also comes a fear

That with all these other reckless fish,

How long will it be before he, too, brings a tear?


What are your thoughts?

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