The Curse of the Witness

I was singing when I saw the lights


The color of my country

I got closer

Totaled cars

A stretcher


My fingers fidgeted on the wheel

My eyes glanced quickly up to Heaven

A tornado of questions spun me dizzy


I wanted to know,

And to not


The fire trucks covered most of the scene

Big red walls, blocking us from what I imagined was the worst


But then I saw you

And now I can’t get your face out my head


You were running,

Hair swatting into your frantic eyes

Your mouth was open, ready to scream



Across the street

Between the traffic

You looked too afraid to care


What were you thinking?
Where is God?

Or were you praying to Him?

Or was He the furthest from your thoughts?


I wanted to stop my car

To rush to you with encouraging words

And warm, protecting arms

You poor dear


How did you know?
Was it a call?

Or did you turn down your neighborhood,

On your way home,

To feed the dog,

Read a book,

Watch your favorite show

Call your sister,

Whatever it might be,

To see this?


The look in your eyes…

I know that broken car means something

Who is it that you hurt for?

A friend?

A husband?

A daughter?

A son?


I want to tell you I’m sorry

Send you your favorite flowers

Bake you your favorite dessert

Take you out to a comedy

And see you smile


But I don’t know you

And I will probably never see you again

This poem is the best I have besides my prayers

So I offer it up to you

My sad, fading vision,

Bless you

And may you find peace with whatever outcome

Dear one,

You will not be forgotten

Your visage is stained into my words



What are your thoughts?

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