Hold Fast

I’m making myself sick with dreams

Slowly ripping reality, seam by seam

I’m fighting for a hope

For something I can’t see outside my mind

Can’t run my fingers across

But can’t seem to leave behind


Help me

I cry out for salvation

Stop this deprivation

I’ve created for myself


But don’t

Because this is what holds me fast

Makes me last

This goal’s not part of the past



It’s my future

So lie to me if you must

Make me think you trust

My determination enough

That I can get there

Because I choose to be unaware

Of the statistics and probabilities

The logistics and possibilities


Let me dream

Let me think this is my destiny

My purpose, the rest of me

Because I don’t want to let it go

I’m tired of giving up because of failures

That haven’t yet come, just fears of what I think I know

But I don’t

And neither do you

Or anyone

See, that’s just the thing

The odds don’t matter

They’re just there to batter our brains

Make us believe our hope is pointless


But it’s a lie

Because anything can happen

Who are we to say it can’t?

Just because the likeliness is scant

Doesn’t make it impossible

Even 1% is still possible!


What you expect

Is what you will get

So don’t be so quick

To simply reject

Any irrational hope

Or dream or desire

Because maybe all it takes

Is for you to never retire

From your passionate pursuit,

To refuse to uproot,

To stand tall against the tide,

And deny the easy ride


And chase,

Run like you’re on fire

Take arms,

Fight because it’s dire

Your dreams are not weights

They’re wings

Let them take you higher


The only thing stopping you

Is a lack of faith

You think if you jump

You’ll fall

But that’s not true at all

So go ahead

Take your chance

Jump right in

And answer your call

What are your thoughts?

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