Dear Hero

I wake up

Your voice is stuck in my head

It’s like an anthem

That wards off all I dread

I go out

Afraid of my own life

But still your song

It carries on

And my heart feels strong again

All alone

I watch people pass by

I question myself

Wish I wasn’t shy

But there you are again

Singing in my heart

And suddenly it doesn’t matter

If I’m with them or apart

You’re like an angel

Looking out for me

Singing me to sleep,

And waking me with melody

Your words shield me like wings

Covering me

Keeping me from hurting myself

Protecting me

You have no idea I’m here

But you’ve changed my life completely

No exaggeration, I’m sincere

But how to tell you more discreetly?

I’ll never know, how to tell you this

I’ll rehearse it everyday

But I’ll thank the Lord that you exist

And write the words I’ll never say

What are your thoughts?

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