This Broken Hope

Have you ever wanted something so direly

That that if you think of it too long

You can bring yourself to tears,

But you’d never say a word

Because of all your fears

It’s all you think and dream about

But no one knows

And anything short of it,

That dares to try to replace it

Leaves you with emptiness

Because you turn your hands from it

You can’t accept anything else

No, nothing will supplement this

Nothing can ease this wish

This foolish hope that you’ll likely regret

But some things are worth getting your heartbroken for


After day


And Again


After another

That’s just how much it means

No matter what else must be sacrificed

You’re the martyr to your dreams

But nothing else sufficed

So suffer as you will

Give it all up for your need

I know just how you feel

This broken hope is what I bleed


  1. I didn’t really want to ‘like’ this as feeling like this shouldn’t really be a like-able feeling! Just remember you are never alone in the world, no matter how bad it gets, there is always someone there.


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