My Contrary

I put you in a jar

Exposed you to the light

But I was meant for day

And you were meant for night


I hoped that somehow

The sun would change your wings

The dusty grey would fall

And expose the colors of the spring


I painted you as red

And I painted you as blue

But every day I came,

And I found nothing new


You cannot change for me

Because you cannot love the sun

But how can I let you go,

When you are my dearest one?


So instead I keep you there,

Inside that little jar,

You hide beneath the cap

From the brightest star


But I wonder what will happen

When the others flutter by

The one’s with wings of color

That cherish the brilliant sky


How long will I keep you here

Before I let you go?

Before we separate and you

Become someone I won’t know?


And the other,

He’ll be vibrant and everything I need

But what will come of you?

Apathy, hate, or greed?


Will you despise me all your life?

The one who kept you here so long

Just to let you out

When I realized you were wrong?


Or will you carry on

Just like you always do

And everything I wished to share

Will be forever lost to you?

What are your thoughts?

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