Love Yourself (Too)

Love Yourself

You won’t get very far,

Until you accept who you are

Every sin and stain and scar

No, you won’t get very far


You won’t wake up from dreams

Still living in their scenes

Until you accept those family genes

And start making your own means


You’ll have to stop thinking that mirror

Holds everything you fear

Try to see your heart more clear

And maybe you’ll like how you appear


Give yourself a second glance

And try to take a better stance

You don’t have to boast and prance

But won’t you give yourself a second chance?


You are better than your worst mistakes

You have overcome your worst of days

You are healing from your deepest aches

You are shining out, just look at your rays


And oh, you’ll get so very far

When you just trust who you are

And be your own North Star

Oh, you’ll get so very far


Love Yourself Too

Love someone who makes you love yourself

Someone whose presence brings out your best

Someone who can arrive in your worst moment

And still remind you that you are blessed


Remind you that you are a beautiful soul

Just as precious and adored as them

Someone who stitches your torn pieces whole

Just like you would do for them


Find yourself someone who laughs

At trivial mistakes and flaws

Someone who doesn’t mind a little mess

And doesn’t let you stress without a cause


Cleave to the one who builds you up

And doesn’t leave you to crash back down

But gives you just enough room

To learn to stand on your own ground


Love them with your deepest love

But save a little bit for you

Because what more can you give to them

Than to take care of you?


If they truly love you so

They will wish this upon you

That for all the love you have for them

You will love yourself too




I wrote these back to back so it feels weird to separate them, but I definitely think these express some of the most important things I’ve learned this summer.

1 Comment

  1. So darn true!
    We must love ourselves, adore ourselves. In addition, make sure our loved ones encourage us to love ourselves !
    Good piece.


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