For I am ice

With crystal fingers

Frostbitten, gripping

On a hand

That no longer holds me back


Fractals break from my face


Steadily in the bristling wind


Silver strings drape

From my scalp

Over solid cotton and wool

And streak my face

Over my shut eyes


Drops of water

My only pulse

They dribble down

My back


Warmth hits me

But I am too cold

I shed

I shed

I become formless

My body sits upon pavement


To be splashed by careless feet


Nature is not done

No, she calls me into the skies

And I lift

I lift

My body splits into particles


To be gazed upon by careful eyes


I build

Looking down upon a world

A world which let me freeze

And I love them

Oh, God, I love them


So back to them

I fall


I splash into greater waters

Tiny droplets of who I was

Drown into the pools of

What I am

They dissolve, distill

Thin out


But hardly


I expand

I am more than a frozen figure

More than dirty water on pavement

Stronger than the atoms flurrying in the sky


The sun caresses my face

The stars rest upon my shoulders

The moon lingers like a mother

Lulling my tides


Clouds try to steal me

But I am too wide

Too heavy

Every portion they take

I steal back


I am the ocean

My toes sink into the deep Atlantic reef

My hands wave across the Pacific

Life surrounds me

Dwells inside me


I will never be lonely again

What are your thoughts?

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