It begins as a star

A striking luminescence

Burning on its own energy

Larger than the billions that surround it

Consuming enough

To swallow six hundred suns


It blazes in your mind

Yearning for expression

Yearning to be seen by more than yourself

It yearns

Until the gravity of its own desire

Plummets into itself

Collapses over itself


The core becomes a black hole

That no one but you can see

Something so deep

So dominant

That all the other stars

Are sucked into orbit

Surrounding it

This one idea

The bits of it that don’t belong have blasted away

Some returned in the orbit

Others are drowned into the darkness

But the black hole turns

And you take it

And you place it onto a page

And you watch it

Watch it form into its own galaxy

Watch it become a universe of its own

Watch it live and breathe beneath pen marks

And ink splotches
Born of need

Born of passion

Born of throwing out

And taking in

Born of death

And rebirth

Born of desperation

To be known

This idea

This one idea

Has no chance of true existence

Yet here it lives


As the words on this page

What are your thoughts?

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