I could spend hours

Imagining conversations

We have not yet had

In places we have not yet been


I could hone in on every detail

The color of your shirt

The flavor of my chapstick

That I taste as I sip

The tea you probably bought


And I could waste my minutes

Filling in the holes

Of what you do not say

With what I wish you would

And I could imagine the texture of your words

Every vowel and consonant


But I do not have to


Because before I can wish

You already say

Before I can hope

You already do


My memories of our moments

By far defeat those I could create

The words we exchange are engraved

Into my soul

Like scripture, you are with me


When you are not


I cannot compare you

To some ideal I’ve generated

After years of finding no one

Some romanticized prince



And entirely impossible to be


You are the ideal

The standard

My only expectation

Is for you to be yourself

From the deepest root of your being

To the surface I can embrace

Because every ounce of what you already are

Is enough

What are your thoughts?

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