If I were a sum of my flawsLIGHTS for Paint

I’d be a painting

With faded red paint splatters

On my skin


I’d be the bump

On a once smooth line

Of a brush stroke

Looking just fine

Until you got up close


I’d be the uneven eyes

On the portrait

That the painter

Redid until

Giving up


But I am not a sum of my flaws

I am the hand that holds the brush

I determine what will be seen

And what

Will go beneath a swab of white


If I am ugly

I will draw myself ugly

But when I paint

I’ll use my favorite hues

And careful strokes

Until I’ve turned

What was born hideous

Into my perception of beautiful



(The photo is of Lights from her music video “Second Go” because that was the inspiration behind this poem. I dare you to click on it. :D)

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