It’s not real


You say it to yourself

With your hands clutched

Around your covers

Your muscles tingle

Your heart feels loud


It’s not real


You close your eyes

But you memories

Just pull you back into

That nightmare

And even though you know

It couldn’t happen

It feels just like it did


It’s not real


You say it until you calm

Until you can shut your eyes

Without seeing whatever

Scared you the most

Until your brain stops signaling

You to panic


It’s not real


Remind yourself again

Because now you are awake

And you are in the world

Not in your bend

And you feel like you’re

Tipping backwards in a chair


It’s not real


Stop trying to figure out

What’s wrong or why you’re scared

Nothing happened today

Is big enough to feel this afraid


It’s not real


Keep saying it

Anxiety is just a nightmare

Your brain is signaling danger

But there is nothing there

So say it like your alone

White-knuckled under covers

And ground yourself


In something real

What are your thoughts?

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