I am strong


Strong enough to save my tears

For when your eyes are turned


I am brave


Brave enough to hold my head high

Against fear, doubt, and rejection


I am resilient


Resilient enough to return in mercy

To those who have wronged and shamed me


I am secure


Secure enough to admit my own mistakes

And work to amend their repercussions


But just because I am strong

Doesn’t mean I don’t yearn

For the aid of a friend


Just because I am brave

Doesn’t mean I don’t wish

Someone would walk beside me


Just because I am resilient

Doesn’t mean I don’t ever need

Someone to help me back up


Just because I am secure

Doesn’t mean I don’t long for

Your reassurance when I feel weak


Because I can do it on my own

But that does not mean

I sometimes shouldn’t
Have to


What are your thoughts?

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