546 Days

It’s been 546 days since I’ve written on this blog. I could break this down to the hours and  maybe even minutes since the last post, but I could never count the amount of ways my life has changed. The moments between where I sat then and where I sit now have rocked my life. I’ve seen the worst and best of myself. I’ve seen the worst and best of others.

Most importantly, I’ve seen why all of these moments mattered and who designed the path I’d be on. No matter how many times I walk away, my Father follows me. No matter how many doors I hide behind, He finds me. My life is inevitably His. And, at last, I’ve realized that every moment counts. Every conversation and every action I take. Every where I go, I am surrounded in opportunities to help the people around me – by listening, by helping, and by loving.

So here, 546 days later, I am redirecting this blog. This is no longer a blog about my art, my poetry, or my “life lessons.” This is about someone bigger than me –  greater artist and writer, and His beautiful book of life.

What are your thoughts?

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